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  • NHI Headlines

    NHI Grasp the Market Opportunity to Seize the Market and Strive to Capture The Market


    The person in charge of Conch Group, an old customer of NHI said: “The growth of Conch Group has been supported by many brother enterprises, and we have learned a lot from these partners. NHI is very sensitive to the market, has insight into the needs of users, being high aspirations and firmly grounded, while providing us with professional and sincere help."

    Affected by the epidemic, domestic and international market demand has slowed down. In the face of difficulties, the marketing team of Fangda Group NHI did not get discouraged and flinched, but took advantage of the trend of mixed reform and constantly adjusted the market strategy. The marketing staff quickly went to the market, visited old customers, contacted new users, and seized the market opportunity to seize the market.

    Propaganda Actively and Strive to Develop the Market

    Under the strong support of Fangda Group, the company has taken the initiative to visit new and old users and widely publicize the great good news of NHI. Since the mixed reform, the leaders of the Fangda Group have visited Shougang Group, Angang Group, Huaneng Coal Industry, Changqing Oilfield and other important customers, as well as professional design institutes such as WISDRI and CERI. Fangda Group has mobilized more than 60,000 cadres and employees of the whole group to develop ideas, find solutions, place orders, assist in signing contracts, facilitate the project under negotiation, and draw a source of fresh water for the market recovery.

    The Synergistic Advantages of Technology and Marketing Integration are Gradually Emerging

    Technology coordinates marketing, and the advantages gradually emerged. Since the mixed-use reform, NHI has passed the evaluation of Baosteel suppliers with high marks, which marks that NHI has regained market recognition. By restarting overseas orders and actively restoring business goodwill, NHI has successfully held overseas agent conferences for many times, which has laid a solid foundation for reviving agent cooperation confidence and restoring market goodwill. In addition, NHI has successively signed two equipment contracts for India and Kazakhstan for oxidation pellet plant with an annual output of 600,000 tons. In addition, the approvals of new product projects and product optimization and upgrading have been promoted in an orderly manner. On the one hand, the "Product Optimization and Upgrading Research and Development Plan" has been formulated to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of the company's traditional products, and the newly developed and upgraded products have been widely used. For example: the first large-diameter coal mine roadway EQC6330 full section roadheader in China has been successfully applied in Shandong Xinjulong Coal Mine, the first Ф4.5m full section half coal roadheader in China was successfully produced, self-moved telescopic annular stacker achieved the first set of overseas market orders, open up a new field of mobile material field, The first T12 active multi-functional scraper in China, which is applied to Shuangjiang Waterloo Power Station Project, the high and low speed sand making machine was sold in the market, which laid the foundation for developing the market of complete sets of sand and stone aggregate equipment. The complete set of 100T ultra high power electric furnace equipment has been designed and developed, which has the conditions for market promotion. On the other hand, it invested ten million yuan to purchase and replace graphic workstations, servers and hundreds of computers, and purchased and upgraded software such as ANSYS and Solidworks, which improved the design conditions and greatly enhanced the design quality and design and process efficiency

    Act Quickly to Take Advantage of the Post-Holiday Prime Time

    After the Spring Festival this year, the NHI marketing team tightly grasps the precious time in spring, took rapid action, completed the Shandong Yongfeng Stacker and Reclaimer, Xuzhou ZM Stacker and Reclaimer, Guangxi Longzhou Xinxiang Apron Feeder, Ningxia Hualong Stacker and Reclaimer, Baosteel Zhanjiang trolley.  Serbia belt conveyor Baosteel zhanjiang trolley, river steel belt conveyor of Serbia, Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & sSteel roller spare parts of the project . Zhanjiang steel roller spare parts and other projects delivery. At the same time, NHI also organized the first batch of 8 projects in 2021 science and technology development plan, including 7 new product categories and 1 product key technology.1170.72 tons of steel scrap material in the treatment plant, with a total sales value of 3.6063 million yuan.

    In march, the Fangda Group NHI continue to enhance the consciousness of the cost, reasonable planning business trip, reduce travel expenses, cut down the cost of sales, know fairly well to the input, output and profit, firmly establish a market consciousness, crisis consciousness and cost consciousness, cling to project order, tracking project completion, focus on following up the implementation of project production, delivery schedule, full service to users.

    Fangda Group NHI is paying attention to the market development trend with a global view. The sales team of the enterprise will continue to improve the brand advantage, carry forward the spirit of unity, hard work and dedication, and strive to achieve a good start to this year.

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