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  • NHI Headlines

    NHI: Mixed Reform Breeds the New Birth of "Heavy Industry Cradle"


    To revitalize Northeast in China, we will take the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector as an important direction. How should heavy equipment manufacturing enterprises seize the historical opportunity and create brilliance again by the east wind of reform?

    With a history of one hundred years, NHI is formerly known as Shenyang Mining Machinery and Shenyang Heavy Machinery, which was founded in 1921 and 1937 respectively, and is known as "the cradle of China's heavy machinery industry". In 2019, through the mixed ownership reform, it has become the holding company of Fangda Group. The change of system and mechanism has brought about the improvement of performance and technological innovation. How did this happen? Mr Guo Jianmin, vice president of Liaoning Fangda Group Industry Co., and the CEO of North Heavy Industries, has the answer.

    Adjust Mechanism and Optimize Human Resources

    Organize the integration of technology and marketing, refine and customize the performance salary and secondary distribution plan. stimulate the work enthusiasm of sales and technical personnel, encourage sales personnel to continuously improve the contract quality and gross margin level, so as to build a long-term incentive mechanism. Formulated the Implementation Measures for Special Rewarding (Trial), calculated the rewards for design cost reduction, process cost reduction, and profit pool cost reduction on a monthly basis, continued to implement the reward systems for marketing and debt clearance, and issued more than 58 million yuan of rewards in 2020 alone.

    Optimize the allocation of human resources, implement the employment mechanism of promotion, which the strong are promoted and the weak are eliminated. Adhere to the internal training of talents and external talent introduction, continue to carry out the "apprenticeship ",” one specialty with multiple skills “and other activities. In-depth research on human resources of technology, marketing, production and other front-line teams, promote the rapid growth of all kinds of teams through incentive policies, and comprehensively stimulate innovation and creativity. Strengthen the introduction of high-end talents, and make the professional people do professional things. Make reasonable recruitment and talent training policy, and match the talent team with the company's development.

    Concerted Efforts and Produced Remarkable Sales Results

    Faced with the severe and complex market environment, the employees faced up to the difficulties without flinching, united with sincerity and worked together to overcome the difficulties, and successively signed a number of contracts for major projects such as Hebei Huaxin, Tangshan Port Land, Jinan Iron and Steel, Linxia Shengxin, Zhenjiang Port, Shougang Macheng, Jingneng Jining, Shenyang Metro and so on. At the same time, vigorously develop TBM machine lease, maintenance and remanufacturing business, upgrade to high-end, whole process engineering service, production line general contract. The quantity and quality of contracts have been significantly improved.

    In 2020, due to the impact of the global epidemic, import and export trade is limited, the resumption of work in foreign counties was resumed slowly, international logistics and transportation is difficult and prices will continue to rise, but NHI still overcome all kinds of barriers and stick to do a good job in the projects and businesses at hand, which have  successfully signed projects of Pakistan PIBT land and port transport terminal conveyor system, India DCBL lateral reclaimer and India Essar Bucket Wheel Reclaimer, In particular, the PIBT project in Pakistan is the second phase of the project won by North Heavy Industry Co., Ltd after winning the first phase five years ago. It is relying on the strong strength of Fangda Group to regain the trust of users and make a good start for its return to the international market.

    Transformation and Upgrading Boost the Development of Enterprises

    In the past, the development of new products and technological innovation stagnated due to the shortage of capital and the serious turnover of staff. At present, new product approval and traditional product optimization and upgrading of the work is in an orderly way through the reform. In 2020, NHI has completed 11 new product projects and 13 product upgrade/transformation projects. There are forty-one projects passed technical review, including 40MN carbon extrusion molding machine, PXF4265 gyratory crusher, PCZ2125 hammer crusher, SD-360 belt sintering machine, 7620×5645 rectangular earth pressure balancing pipe jacking machine, MP280D single roll loading medium speed coal mill. The self-developed telescopic self-moving annular stacker is the first one in China, and its indexes are first-class in the world. Both the products developed in the same year and entered the market in the same year as the PXF4265 gyratory crusher. There are 14 patents have been applied and 4 patents have been authorized.

    Remarkable results have been achieved in tackling key technological problems. Jiujiang Steel 550 rolling mill technical preparation is to break difficulties and resume the production of rolling products, complete the processing and manufacturing of the mouthing shape key components in the FangDa Carbon New Material Co., Ltd, which made the products pass the acceptance of users at one time and won high praise from the market and successfully completed the first production of aluminum cylinder project technical preparation, manufacturing and bearing test.

    In the future, NHI will continue to deepen reform and benchmark the technology and equipment level of the same industry. Through joint research with various scientific research institutions, NHI will break through the "bottleneck" technical problems, improve the design ability, technical reserve, manufacturing process and other comprehensive capabilities, and strive to transform from a single machine manufacturer to a complete set of equipment supplier, and realize the upgrade from a manufacturer to a comprehensive solution service provider. Improve the formulation and adjustment of enterprise production plan, accelerate the feedback speed of enterprise production plan implementation status, improve equipment management status, realize real-time monitoring of data, eliminate information crisis in the enterprise, realize information sharing within the enterprise, and improve the ability of real-time data report through the construction of production process informatization, which visualize the production process, make the equipment data transparent, and manage site equipment and personnel more accurately. Continue to strengthen product transformation and upgrading, use new technology to improve the technical level of products, stride into new areas and explore new profit growth points. Promote research and development of new products, promote multi-dimensional exploration and expansion in new materials, new technologies, new thinking and new service modes, and accelerate the transformation to digitalization and intelligence.

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